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Communicating with Deaf and hard of hearing people is our business. Every service user is unique. We will take the time to fully understand your requirements and always match your needs with the best, Language Support Professionals (LSP) for you.

BSL Interpreting

A BSL/English interpreter facilitates communication between people who use BSL and those who use spoken English. They listen to what is being said then translate it into BSL for the deaf person to understand. When the Deaf person is signing, the Interpreter will then voiceover the BSL for the benefit of the hearing person.

Communication Support Workers

Communication Support Workers (CSWs) facilitate access to communication, using a range of support strategies and communication styles to meet their client’s needs.

On Demand Interpreting (ODi)

On-demand Interpreting (ODi) is a growing service in the ever-changing world that we are facing. A remote Interpreter that can be on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone is ideal for those working remotely or that are on the go.

Electronic Notetakers

Electronic Notetakers type a real-time summary of what is being said on a laptop which is connected to a second laptop or a screen, for the client to read the notes from. They also provide a copy of the transcript at the end of the meeting, lecture or lesson.

Speech to Text Reporters (STTRs)

Speech to Text Reporters (STTR) convert the spoken word into written English. The text appears real-time on either a laptop/device screen for individual use or on a large screen if several people are using the service. 


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