Meet our incredible BSL GURU’s. Here to offer specialist one-to-one support by the hour.

You can discuss any signs that you need to learn, if you’ve missed any sessions and need to catch up, any coursework signs you’re unsure of or just need someone to polish up your BSL skills with.

Sarah Gill

Sarah has over 28 years of experience teaching BSL & Deaf Aware® courses with adults and children.

Sarah specialises in teaches our BSL courses at schools and with families with Deaf children.

Jason Ellis

Jason has experience in using humour and comedy with BSL. He is fantastic at communicating emotions in BSL.

Jason also trains our BSL Level 2 and 3 courses, so if you need a hand – please get in touch.

Ashley Clifford

Ashley teaches our Level 1 course so would be your go to Guru for those that are new to signing and.

He also has experience in Linguistics such as; Classifiers, Syntax and many more!