Dainis Kaniava

Communication Support Worker

I joined Positive signs in May 2022 as a Communication Support Worker

My background is mainly construction and it’s been my passion for more than 8 Years, but I have decided to change my career path and support the Deaf community as I have found my true calling to make the Deaf world a better place.

Since I joined Positive Signs, I felt very welcomed, and the team is amazing. I like how the team thinks and works, and the main goal of Positive Signs is something that I like to be a part of.

I was born in Latvia, I grew up with Deaf parents and come from both Hearing and Deaf worlds, experiencing the Deaf culture and community. I can sign both Latvian and British sign language which to me is a gift and I am proud to be a CODA and to be a part of both worlds. 

I believe that anyone can become anything they want to be as long as they put their mind to it, and my main purpose to get involved in the Deaf community is to one day become a life coach to the Deaf and Hearing world, sharing my knowledge and making other lives better because they can! 

I got a certificate in higher education in construction, and although I have knowledge in BSL I am studying more and more of BSL to improve my vocabulary skills so I can provide the best service. My aim is to become a Qualified BSL interpreter one day! 

I am excited about my new career path and can’t wait what else the future has in store for me!