Sally Paull

Owner, Managing Director

I’m Deaf, I sign, and I’m the Owner and Managing Director of Positive Signs. 

Before establishing Positive Signs, I enjoyed a diverse career in:

  • Retail, Education, Medical and social work management; and
  • British Sign Language and Interpreter training and assessment.

Frustrated with the gaps in provision for Deaf people, I decided to consolidate my experience into forming a specialist service, and Positive Signs was born! 

Communication is my passion – I just love seeing how better communication builds bridges between Deaf and hearing communities. To me, this beneficial impact is just as important as the services we offer. 

I’ve built my reputation around quality, honesty and importantly, taking the time to really understand what clients want and then carefully matching our provision to meet that need. These values and commitment to our customers have kept us going strong for almost 20 years. 

We have been delivering holistic communication, interpreting, employment, deaf awareness and sign language training services for Deaf and hearing people across the UK for that long – but every day is different, and every new request has its own opportunities and challenges.

I’m proud of how our fantastic team reacts to those challenges to tailor what we do to consistently deliver successful outcomes for:

  • the Deaf person at work
  • the sign language student
  • the employer, and the
  • the service provider.  

I’ve been so lucky to have a rich and varied career as well as working in some amazing places and with super people. This is what I have brought with me to Positive Signs.

I love what we do here, it is so important, we are uniquely positioned, and I am proud to have built a team around me of equally passionate professionals. I look forward to learning about how we can help you – do get in touch!