Sol Warwick

Creative Media Manager

I’m the Creative Media Manager for Positive Signs. I joined here in September 2021.

Previously, I worked as a solo freelancing videographer in my home in Cornwall. I did work mainly for artists as it’s a popular destination for art!

What I love about Positive Signs is the instantly welcoming atmosphere which made me feel like I had already been a part of the team for years. I also love the ambitious aims of the company, to be the well-known name when it comes to deaf awareness and learning sign language.

I’m passionate about using the media of film to speak to everyone, deaf and hearing. Filming was a hobby throughout my childhood and is now an integral part of the happiness of my adult life.

I have experience working with clients to create advertising and creative films. I have also created many of my own short films, doing all of the scriptwriting, filming, sound, lighting and editing (and even sometimes acting!) myself.

I am fluent in BSL as it is my first language.