Positive Signs provide a range of Employment Services for companies, organisations, employers and individuals who need communication support services, interpreting services, sign language training and advice on employment including Access to Work (AtW).

Job search

Book a Drop-in session with our employment, either onsite or via zoom, we can help you fill out job applications and help you look for work.

Interview Support

If you have an upcoming interview then you can get support for a BSL Interpreter. Fill in the form and we can arrange the support for you.

Job Coach

Our Job coaches support Deaf people in their workplace by building their skills to match the requirement of the job.

Job Support

We can supply you an Interpreter, CSW or Electronic Notetaker for your working day, meetings or training. If you’re Deaf and you need support at work, we can help support you.

We take time to understand your needs

We take the time to understand your needs in order to deliver high-quality professionals and services that meet your particular requirements.