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Communication is our Business. We will always match your needs with high quality, professional communication services anywhere, at any time.

Our Philosophy

Fair Partnerships & Transparent Communication

Positive Signs has long stood for equality and fairness for Deaf People as an interpreting and training provider. Our capability and personal responsibility allow us all to provide high-quality communication services and to distribute them on a personal scale. Simple business processes, fair partnerships and transparent communication are perceptible and contribute to our joint success.

Equality. Integrity. Fairness. Honesty & Reliability.

These are our core 5 values and optimal customer care is an important mark of quality for our company. It is important for our team to always be available for you. This helps us ensure good and efficient cooperation between you and our clients, team of Staff, and LSP’s.

Our Aim

To ensure equality for Deaf People

We strive to bring equality to Deaf people through from when their born, their education to their workplace to ensure they have the same access to information and given the same chances as their peers or colleagues.

We believe we can achieve this through Deaf Awareness and to get the message to hearing people to understand that they do not have to fix deaf people but they need to understand deaf peoples needs and culture and to treat them as an equal.

Our History

Positive Signs was established in 2004, Initially with Sally working on her own:

 “I spent many years as a one-woman band, doing everything from Access to Work applications, client management, coordinating bookings, delivering training, marketing and finance. I wore a lot of hats and thrived on every minute of it!

Sally Paull, Owner and Manager

Since those early days, the team and the offering has steadily grown. There are now six incredible people who make Positive Signs what it is today. We offer a complete range of services for Deaf and hearing customers:

  • online and onsite training courses
  • employment and education support
  • translating materials to make them accessible to BSL users. And, of course
  • we still provide some of the best BSL Interpreters and Support Workers to our long-standing client base.

In addition to the services mentioned above Positive Signs is active in the deaf community, take a look at what’s happening here. To find out more about us and how we can help you, check out our services, open a chat or take a look at our latest news.

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