Laura Jane Connolly

Registered Sign Language Interpreter

 I am an in-house Interpreter (RSLI) at Positive Signs. I joined the company in May 2021.

Previously, I studied British Sign Language (Interpreting, Translating and Applied Language Studies) at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh (2016-2020). 

What I like best about working for Positive Signs is being part of an amazing and dedicated team. I have grown significantly in my time here due to having been able to receive guidance and support from my colleagues. It is a company culture where I am made to feel welcome and encouraged to reach my full potential.

I’m passionate about working for a company that incorporates their values into their business; values that include providing greater access, communication and opportunities for BSL users in the local and wider community. 

I am a NRCPD registered British Sign Language Interpreter