Rich Paull

Strategy Director

I joined Positive Signs back in April 2019.

My role at Positive Signs is Director of Strategy, my role has evolved over the years from a CSW to the Director of Strategy today. My main role is delivering improvement through implementing software and establishing processes across all the teams at Positive Signs. Simply put, I look at what how we can improve our services to our clients and ensure that compliance is maintained throughout.

Prior to joining Positive Signs, I owned companies in the logistics sector.  From my experience in these sectors, I gathered knowledge in building and creating companies from the bottom up. As a family, we also run companies in the Hospitality and Fishing sector too.

What I like best about Positive Signs is that it was built from the ground up by Sally Paull. My mother’s drive and ambition to bring fairness and equality to Deaf people. Positive Signs has an amazing opportunity to grow and deliver this change to the Deaf community and that’s why I am on board, I want to be part of that!

My whole family was Deaf growing up, so I was brought up in the diverse Deaf culture and community. I sign English Supported Sign Language. That’s part of my identity, I am a proud CODA, I am not fully part of the Deaf or Hearing community. I am blended.

I am proud of my Deaf family and heritage and over the years I have had to watch the indifference and the struggles that my Deaf family members face because of hearing people’s misconceptions, the opportunities that they have missed because they are Deaf. My passion is to bring awareness to these issues and to make positive changes to my family, the broader Deaf community and the generations after that. I am a great believer in that small ripples of positivity, grow larger and can evoke great change. I believe through a new age of Deaf Awareness and empowerment that we can create some small ripples that make individuals and companies understand, respect and embrace the Deaf Culture for what it is. I want to make BSL more accessible to the Hearing community so the responsibility is on them to make changes, not Deaf people.

This leaves Sally, the ability to drive this company forward for her vision for equality.