Meet our talented and experienced team.

Sally Paull

Owner, Managing Director

I’m Deaf, I sign, and I’m the Owner and Managing Director of Positive Signs. Before establishing Positive Signs in 2004, I enjoyed a diverse career …

Rich Paull

Strategy Director

My role at Positive Signs is Director of Strategy, my role has evolved over the years from a CSW to the Director of Strategy today …

Anja Kilby

Finance Manager

I’m the Finance Manager at Positive Signs, I joined the Positive Signs Team in 2020.

Being part of Positive Signs is being part of a small team, with a passion to support Deaf People in their workplace or Studies. It is nice to be part of such an important part of some people lives.

Lynsey Easom

Support Team

I’m a Support Team member at Positive Signs, and I joined here 1st November 2021 to help support the admin team. What I like best about Positive Signs is that everyone is very passionate about what they do and achieve, and the team seem like a very friendly group of people to work with.

Sol Warwick

Creative Media Manager

I’m the Creative Media Manager for Positive Signs. I joined here in September 2021.

Previously, I worked as a solo freelancing videographer in my home in Cornwall. I did work mainly for artists as it’s a popular destination for art!

George Paull

Digital Content Creator

Hi , my name is George Paull, I am a Digital Content Creator here at Positive Signs, I joined here in September 2022. I used to study at St Martins Sixth Form What I like most about working here at Positive Signs are the friendly colleagues and the extroverted thinking and creativity that brings us … Continued

April Lipscombe

Communication Support Worker

My name is April. I have used British Sign Language since I was very young as I am a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) 

I joined Positive Signs in September 2023 as a Communication Support Worker after previously working as an administrator for a charity.

Laura Jane Connolly

Registered Sign Language Interpreter

 I am an in-house Interpreter (RSLI) at Positive Signs. I joined the company in May 2021.

Previously, I studied British Sign Language (Interpreting, Translating and Applied Language Studies) at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh (2016-2020). 

Claire Finlayson

Registered Sign Language Interpreter

I am an in-house interpreter (RSLI) at Positive Signs, I joined the company in August 2023.

I have recently graduated from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh studying British Sign Language (Interpreting, Translating and Applied Language Studies) from 2019-2023.

Sabrina Kolajo

Education Coordinator

I am the Education Coordinator at Positive Signs, I joined here in September 2021. What I love most about Positive Signs is that they always put their clients and workers first, which is what has drawn me to work with Sally.

Sally Jane Pamment

Employment Support

I’m Sally Jane Pamment and my role at Positive Signs is Employment Support Officer. 

I joined the team in June 2023, bringing with me over 30 years’ experience working in employment support and guidance.

Matthew Wheeler

Employment Bookings Coordinator

Hey! My name is Matthew Wheeler. 

I’m an Employments Bookings Coordinator at Positive Signs, I joined here June 2023.

I have studied a various of subjects from Electrical installations to Business in Cambridge.

Helen Aska

Employment Support

Hi, my name is Helen Aska

I’m Employment Support at Positive Signs, I joined October 2022, to help Deaf clients find work.  I work in the Employment Team where I meet with clients and support them in finding work by removing barriers, create professional CVs, brush up on interview skills and techniques used and provide appropriate BSL interpreters for the interviews.

Deborah Van Halle


Hello, my name is Deborah. I’m a BSL GURU at Positive Signs. I teach DISCOVER BSL, BSL Level ONE, BSL Level TWO, DEAF AWARE and I offer BSL GURU sessions, all of this online and onsite.

I was born Deaf and I went to the Deaf school. I visit Deaf nursery’s and School’s regularly as a volunteer, I was inspired by the Deaf children to become a BSL teacher.